Futurist & TEDx Speaker, Web3 Strategic Advisor, Lecturer, Marketing Consultant, Blockchain, Crypto & NFT and Metaverse Strategist 🚀

Baptiste is a globally recognized web3 marketing consultant, an international speaker, and a talented lecturer, who brings to the job a deep wealth of knowledge, a hands-on experience and a unique set of skills most needed in these enduring times.

The major changes brought by the fourth industrial revolution and the Covid-19 constitute a turning point in the history of humanity, and for our societies, a tremendous opportunity to reinvent themselves.

Indeed, the large-scale disruptions induced by the lock-down are pushing us to rethink the way we work, communicate, socialize, live and consume.

This surge in the digital transformation of our society also highlights the technological backwardness of the “bad students” and their inability to reinvent themselves and face the unknown. 

Baptiste is an inspiring voice who knows how to easily get his audience on board on tomorrow’s issues by sharing his vision, know-how and experience of the dynamics defining innovation and disruption in your sector of activity, connected consumerism and the future of business and organizations. 

Don’t hold back, now is the time. Get set for performance and excellence by working with a reliable professional.

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